UX / UI / Interaction Student Project

Pulseband is a wearable product from GE that allows a user to measure their blood pressure and other health vitals. The challenge was to understand the most important features and benefits to our user, and give her an application that helps build and keep healthy habits.

We structured an interview and research plan, developed personas, and fleshed out the key features of the application.

My responsibilities were user interviews, visual and competitive research, illustrations, animations, and iOS UI design.

A team member created a full interactive prototype here.


We compiled research on heart health, competition in both the medical and wearable sectors, and essential factors for building and keeping new habits. This included interviewing potential users with existing heart conditions or family history, along with cardiologists and nurses.

Key takeaways were the importance of actionable information specialized to a user's condition, needing motivation from a social angle, and the necessity of a systematic approach when taking a blood pressure reading.

final deliverables