UX / UI / Branding

Sorc'd is an online tool for clipping "snippets" of web text in order to reference and re-use it later.

The client approached us for a re-design of their main snippet feed and browser extension, along with increased efficiency in user flow and team collaboration. The final output also included a re-fresh of their branding. 

Final working prototype of the project here.


We conducted a series of interviews with current users, learning some of their frustrations with the existing site, and observing new users attempt to accomplish key tasks. Takeaways from this process included needing a way to remember why a snippet was saved, understand why a team member wanted to share something, and organize according to user-defined categories.

After reviewing the functionality of the current site along with interview insights, we determined the unique advantage of Sorc'd could be essentially the ability to "bookmark" important text, while also providing a layer of recall so these clips were still useful in the future.

Our biggest challenge was discovering how to highlight contextual information about snippets like notes and tags, while also allowing a way to sort potentially large amounts of saved text.

After working down to two versions of the design's filtering and notation system, we AB tested the options to determine which one allowed the users to more quickly narrow down and annotate snippets on their own.

In the end, users preferred and were able to more quickly navigate the option that prominently displayed the notes. Placing a greater emphasis on the note instead of the article's title also helped the users understand better understand the context of the snippet.

Final Deliverables



Original Design